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How dentistry has changed in the past 10 years

Dentistry like any other industry has stood the test of time and has changed and improved drastically over the years. What our parents and grandparents remember of dentistry in their childhood years and their dental care can often seem like a horror story from science fiction. Fortunately for us, the times have changed and with constant improvements in technology and standards of care we can have a much more pleasant experience. Comfort and convenience, while maintaining a high quality of care is the name of the game.

The field of telemedicine is an area that is gaining momentum in recent years and to be able to capture the benefits of what technology can bring to us in this time in the field of dentistry is the key. With a world that is ever more connected, it only seems like a natural next step for dentists and healthcare providers to be readily available for the benefit of their patients and their overall care. We live in exciting times and future is promising.

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